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In a variety of corporate training activities, management often assigns trainers from within the company itself. Apart from technical issues related to Company competency, training management will be also considered more effective and efficient if run by experts within the organization. But to run this program there are several obstacles that need to be addressed by management; among these is the fact that not many on the managerial level and above are capable of becoming trainers for in-house corporate training, especially for technical subjects such as HSE & Defensive Driving / Riding. In order to accomplish this, management should provide the ability to employees aiming to be candidate coaches to master the subjects and techniques taught in class, and also to understand practicum work in the field and on the highway.

In this program, Trainer Candidates will be taught skills including Public Speaking, Presentation Skills and outstanding Defensive Driving / Riding Skills. This therefore yields confident trainers, who can interest and secure the trust of trainees immediately. The program lasts 18 hours (3 days).

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