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Professional Truck Driver Training

The purpose of this training is to upgrade the skills and evaluate the performance of Professional Truck Drivers, identifying characteristics and recognizing defects. Training emphasizes the Code of Work Ethics that reflects the professional corporate image, recognizing and demonstrating responsibility for protecting themselves, the vehicle, defending the company’s reputation and creating a positive impression from other road users. RDC identifies physical and psychological conditions that could affect a driver's driving skills & attitudes, adherence to defensive driving skills and exhibiting the ability to recognize danger, knowing how to avoid collisions in reacting precisely in time, and exhibiting a positive attitude at work and while driving.

By hosting such a Program, the Company also demonstrates its commitment to truck driver safety and security, and implicitly warns of penalties for those company drivers who fail to perform adequately in traffic - particularly when driving on company time. This  program is only packed in one package: PTD Two Days Training Program (8 hours theoretical session and 8 hours practical session).

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