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Online Training

Web-Based Defensive Driver Training

In collaboration with Alertdriving, a technology company that specialized in global driver risk management who trained over 1,200,000 drivers, RDC provides online training services for :

  • Hazard Perception 360, who evaluates a driver's defensive skills using actual footage of near-collision situations. You can identify high-risk driver behaviors with the only training assessment in the industry to feature full-motion interactive video.
  • FleetDefenseSM a program who focuses on safe driving behavior, that can improve Fleet Safety with targeted Defensive Driving Courses for Light Vehicle.
  • Our Two-Wheeler Training emphasizes space management, proper scanning, intersection safety and other techniques to share the road. With a this safety program, we can cut costs, collisions, injuries and liability exposure.
  • Save On Fleet Costs-Train Your Drivers To Be Fuel Efficient. UP TO 87% OF THE ENERGY PRODUCED BY FUEL NEVER REACHES THE TIRES. Start finding creative ways to improve mileage in your fleet. Train your drivers to save more on a full tank.

Our online training is available on any smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the Internet, our cloud-based Mobile Defensive Driver Training gives fleets more choices to identify, mitigate and monitor risk. FleetDefenseSM was built using Responsive Web Design Technology, so drivers can take our interactive, video-based courses anytime, no download required.

The online platform is a cost effective tool that allows you to improve your driver safety skills without having to schedule lengthy off-site trainings. As the same time the cost per driver is lower compared to classroom arrangements. Naturally this will also reduce your cost, improve uptime and boost the confidence of your driver.

Click here to instantly get access to our state-of-the-art-application.

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