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Defensive Riding Training

More than 66.7% of the total number of accidents occurring in Indonesia involves motorcycles. Experts attribute this to a lack of awareness of safety among riders.  In response to what has become a major social and economic concern, RDC today offers job-related Defensive Riding Training, focusing on accident prevention,  steady and alert performance. Riders are introduced to basic attitudes that will minimize the risk of riding.

The Defensive Riding Training at RDC commences through implementation of a strategy for riding on every type and condition of roads, alone and in traffic, the objective being to enhance safe riding practices. In addition, the program also aims to impart to riders the awareness of their own physical and mental condition, as well as fundamental mechanical preparedness. This  program is packed in two packages: DRT One Day Training Program (6 hours theoretical session and 2 hour commentary driving) and DRT Two Days Training Program (8 hours theoretical session and 8 hours practical session).

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