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Assesment Services

Company Driving Permit Assessment Service

We can provide a company driving permit (SIMPer/KIMPer) assessment service.
where we can place a competent assessor in your company, to conduct an induction training and assessment of each of… ... [read more]

BNSP Certification

We have cooperated with BNSP (Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi) to provide certification of competency for driver. With this competency certificate, a driver's ability to drive safely recognized nationally. Provide the… ... [read more]

Driver Skill and Aptitude Assessment

RDC can help your company to do the assessment for the driver, which is useful for driver recruitment or as an extension of employment consideration, we perform two methods of… ... [read more]

Vehicle Condition Inspection

We can help your company to do a Vehicle Condition Inspection, to ensure well-operated vehicle, Each Vehicle Condition Appraisal includes a detailed 59-point inspection report where we look closely at… ... [read more]

Route Assessment

We prepare Route Assessment Report and Recommendations, including management of risks (accept, treat, transfer, avoid),:

  • Obtain statistical data and records relevant to the assessment.
  • Conduct the route assessment, determining… ... [read more]

Risk Assessment

We can help your company to provide technical and strategic recommendations for you to anticipate and minimize the impact of risk undertaken in the area of transportation. Preparing risk measurement… ... [read more]

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