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Did you know (according to one study) the rate of motor vehicle accidents in Indonesia is the highest in Asia Pacific, and the main factor is human error, which can result in material losses and even loss of life? And are you aware that the risk of losses due to accidents by the fleet, involving employees of your company is more likely than not to take place?

We can help your company minimize obligations for costs such as health insurance, property damage, vehicle damage, employee injuries - all of which can result in expensive medical claims and declining productivity, as well as costs incurred by traffic violations. We offer to upgrade staff skills through Defensive Driving Training.

Defensive Driving Training is designed to encourage changes in driving behavior, strengthening previously acquired technical skills and developing additional support knowledge concerning how to drive safely in any conditions or situation. Implementing Defensive Driving Training for your employees is a very reasonable policy, to encourage a culture of zero accident, decrease risk of loss, and decrease absenteeism. In other words, RDC can support your company in saving more time, money, and may even save lives.

So do not hesitate to contact us, register yourself and get the best investment in your life!

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