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RDC Telematics

Our innovative telematics technology which can monitor your fleet whether the procedure goes according to standards, certainly will save you money targeting specific areas such as:

Customer service is an extremely important aspect of business for any organization. RDC - The Real Driving Centre clients within the transport and logistics industry are able to safely exchange vital and live information with their drivers, receive the data necessary to evidence service levels to their customers, optimize fleet utilization, and improve route planning. With such a simplified solution to business, our customers automatically side-step many of the day to day stresses that a system without this effortless functionality would normally afford them.

Driver Behavior Bad driving habits are unsafe, unnecessary and can cause loss of life. Poor driving ultimately also costs your organization money. Together with an on-board computer and optional in-cab display system, RDC Telematics can provide your company with live information pertaining to the operation of your vehicles. The data instantly gets transmitted from your vehicle directly to one of our secure data centers so that management reports contain objective information. Drivers can also be alerted to their mistakes using the in-vehicle buzzer or a display device.

RDC Telematics provides integrated driver safety solutions to businesses that embrace a culture of ensuring employee and community safety and maintain the highest QHSE standards. Often termed a driver monitor, the solution provides key safety information and functionality.

This system is used to control/restrict vehicle access and identify drivers to the vehicle. By using the driver tag you can ensure that each trip undertaken has a driver associated with it, thus enabling you to associate driving violations and events with specific drivers and enabling input into driver training & incentive programs.

In-vehicle communication If your company is looking for a solution that can easily integrate and communicate with your other systems, then look no further. With RDC Telematics in-vehicle communication option, the best fleet management solution will deliver on your need to communicate with your drivers in a cost effective way. We offer the ability to send free-text, standard and job messages (and status updates) between office and driver to minimize communication costs.

Fuel Management With this exciting solution by RDC Telematics, transport and logistics fleet customers has achieved a fuel consumption savings of up to 15 %. Our systems allow you to monitor the fuel consumption of each of your vehicles individually, and by extension the fuel efficiency of your whole fleet, giving you an immediate return on investment.

RDC Telematics offers optional messaging and voice features for fleet manager who need to communicate with their drivers. Connecting an in-cab device, that allows managers and drivers to send free-text or standard messages between office and vehicle, minimizing communication costs.

Sometimes it is necessary to know both the exact location and status of your vehicles. With a solution from RDC Telematics, our clients are able to do just that using a smartphone or via a secure web portal. You can pinpoint your vehicle on a street level or satellite map that updates as your vehicles move. Status updates of events that occur within the vehicle will also be posted.

Trip reports provide insight into the journeys undertaken by drivers, highlighting exceptions (e.g. entry into no-go zones), driving violations (e.g. over speeding), and include details such as trip start date and time, location from which departed, trip distance, end location, driving time, idling time, parking time, associated driver, etc.

RDC Telematics offers Journey Management solutions to our customers. These dedicated and unique around-the-clock journey management service along with driver safety consulting are vitally important.

  • Improve customer services
  • Improved driver behavior
  • Driver Safety
  • Driver Identification
  • In-vehicle communication
  • Fuel management
  • Messaging
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Trip Reports and Vehicle Utilizations
  • Journey Management

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