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FSMS Development and Audit

Fleet Safety Management System is a proven framework for managing and continually improving an organization's policies, procedures and processes. A systematic approach will help an organization to achieve its goals through clear management focus and disciplined management thinking. By using a proven management system the organization will be able to continually renew its fleet safety strategy, transport operations, policies and procedures.

Therefore we provide a wide range of FSMS Consulting such as; standard operating procedures development, inspection, consultation, investigation, audits, meetings, JSA, and Reporting. with the advantages:

Resulting in improved competivity and potentially greater profits.

With reduction in the loss of life, loss of equipment, injury and damage, an organization can be more effective.

Any accident will disrupt vehicle scheduling and reduce effectiveness. Any death or serious injury will result in replacement recruitment and training costs.

With fewer incidents, the number of vehicles available will be greater, enabling the organization to carry out its transport activities more effectively. Or, help to manage down the size of the fleet.

With fleet management systems and controls in place the organization will reduce the risk of being out of compliance and incurring fines and other legal penalties.

The death or injury of a member of staff will cause upset and disruption to the organization, making it less able to meet its obligations.

Through building good driving habits within the employee pool, the safety of staff will improve when driving their private vehicles, which will contribute to the overall positive effect on the organization and country in which it is operating.

A culture of safety will pervade all activities, and staff will be less likely to be killed or injured.

Will help to uphold an organization's reputation and avoid it being tarnished.

  1. Lower Fleet Operating Costs
  2. Reduction in Incident Losses
  3. Reduction in Staff Time Lost
  4. More Effective Vehicle Use
  5. More Likely to be in Compliance with legal requirements
  6. Improved Staff Morale
  7. Improved "Off the Job" Road Safety
  8. Improved Safety Culture
  9. Organization's Reputation

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