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Vehicle Condition Inspection

We can help your company to do a Vehicle Condition Inspection, to ensure well-operated vehicle, Each Vehicle Condition Appraisal includes a detailed 59-point inspection report where we look closely at the:

  • Body - Panels and Paint report on general condition and check for signs of repair.
  • Interior - Interior Trim including Seats, Restraints, Window and Door Mechanisms.
  • Glass - Condition of Windscreen and Operation of all Windows etc.
  • Door Locks including Central Locking Mechanisms.
  • Under body Inspection- Vehicle placed on a hoist to carry out inspection, Panels, Frames, Steering and Suspension, Exhaust and Driveline Components.
  • Road Wheels condition and Tire tread depth and condition.
  • Engine - Engine Analysis including Relative Compression Test, Cooling System Pressure Test and component check, Drive Belts, Engine oil level and condition, Computer fault Codes are checked where possible.
  • Oil Leaks - Report on all visible Engine, Driveline and Brake system oil leaks.
  • Electrical System - Battery, Alternator and Charging System check, Light operation and condition, Horn, Heater Demister and A/C operation.

Road Test - A Road Test of at least 5 km will be carried to test steering, suspension, brake operation, engine & driveline operation.

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