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Risk Assessment

We can help your company to provide technical and strategic recommendations for you to anticipate and minimize the impact of risk undertaken in the area of transportation. Preparing risk measurement concepts and patterns as well as setting the pace for the field work (survey) of:

  • Driver Skills & Aptitude Assessment
  • Vehicle Condition Assessment
  • Route Assessment

Risk Assessment Objective

  • Obtain the results of assessment / measurement that can provide complete information related to things / instruments work / activity / environmental factors / external that may occur in the process of distribution of your company products with a variety of modes transport, which can make a your company transport targets are not achieved.
  • Get an overview of risk, and matriculation risks that occur in the process of product distribution in the area of your company distribution with tools / modes of transportation for the entire distribution process is done.
  • Provide advice and guidance improvements in minimizing the risks and impacts that may occur in the workplace transport risk thus improving safety and health in the product distribution company.

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