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Company Driving Permit Assessment Service

We can provide a company driving permit (SIMPer/KIMPer) assessment service.
where we can place a competent assessor in your company, to conduct an induction training and assessment of each of your employee who need to drives a vehicle in the work area. Assessment of assesse focused on the evaluation of positive attitude while driving, knowledge, awareness, Alertness and driving skills, the which is oriented on safety for Themselves, their passengers, other motorists and pedestrians.

  1. Written test
    • Basic driving behavioral test
    • Fatigue condition assessment
    • Basic traffic rules & regulation test
    • Basic driving theory test

  2. Observations Driving Assessment (affective, cognitive, sensor motoric)
    • Cabin drill & Start Up Procedure
    • Driving Expertise
    • Observation Skills, Visual Searching & Scanning
    • Social Responsibility

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